Aadhaar Card address change, update online: Steps to update Aadhaar address without address proof

UIDAI Aadhaar Address Change, Update: The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has introduced a new feature to update the Aadhar card address. If the citizen doesn’t have an address proof, then also he/she can update the address with the help of head of family (HoF).


If the relatives of a resident lack the supporting documents required to change address in Aadhaar Card, he/she can then greatly benefit from the HoF-based online address update in their Aadhaar.  

Any resident above the age of 18 years can be an HoF for this purpose and can share his address with his relatives through this process.

UIDAI told that this facility will prove to be very beneficial for people going to other cities and towns for various reasons within the country. This option will be in addition to the facility to update the existing address using any valid address certificate prescribed by UIDAI.

Documents required to change the address on Aadhar card

A resident who wishes to change address will require documents like a ration card, mark sheet, marriage certificate, passport etc. can be presented as proof, in which both the name and relation of the applicant and the Head of Family, HoF are present, it is verified by an OTP. If there is no relationship between the applicant and HoF then users have to submit a self-declaration in a set format to UIDAI.

Aadhar card: How to update the address

Step 1: Update the addresses online by logging into the ‘My Aadhaar’ portal at https://myaadhaar.uidai.gov.in and selecting the HoF option.

 Step 2: Now, enter the HoF’s Aadhaar number, which will be used to verify the user.  

Step 3: The individual will have to upload the Proof of Relationship document.

 Step 4: The individual has to pay Rs 50, to use the feature, as a service charge. The amount, however, will not be refunded to the applicant if the request time expires or in case the request is rejected due to non-acceptance of the HoF or rejected during the process.

 Step 5: The individual will be given a service request number (SRN), and an SMS about the address request would be sent to the HoF. 

Step 6: The HoF will have to approve the request and provide his/her consent by logging into the ‘My Aadhaar’ portal within 30 days of receiving the notification.

Step 7: If the HOF refuses to share her/his address or does not accept or decline the request within 30 days of the SRN being created, the request will be closed. A citizen can also provide submit a self-declaration in a set format to UIDAI.

Step 8: The citizen who requests an address update through this option will be notified of the request’s approval via SMS.

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