Agreement reached for pathway in Murdoch University

The college will be at Murdoch University’s South Street campus in Perth and will be operated by the pathway provider.

“We are pleased to create this new opportunity to help undergraduate and postgraduate students”

Murdoch and Kaplan have previously collaborated through the Murdoch University in Singapore and in Perth through the Murdoch Institute of Technology, which ceased operating in June 2021.

Kaplan ANZ managing director, Rob Regan said Kaplan was looking forward to re-establishing the collaboration at Murdoch University’s Perth campus following the “terrific partnership” they’d had in the past.

“Murdoch University has an ongoing commitment to offer pathway opportunities for international students, including teaching on campus, and we are delighted we have been able to reach agreement with Kaplan on this new and exciting opportunity,” Andrew Deeks, Murdoch University vice chancellor, said.

Regan acknowledged that the Covid-19 pandemic and closed international borders has had “profound impacts on the international education industry globally and our previous partnership was impacted by this”.

“We are pleased that we have been able to work with Murdoch University, to create this new opportunity to help undergraduate and postgraduate students with a pathway to a future education at Murdoch University,” he added.

Kaplan also works with the University of Newcastle and The University of Adelaide on pathways for international students in Australia.

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