Best investment plans for 3 years with high returns: Liquid funds, FDs and fixed maturity plans – check list

It is critical to examine the numerous components of investment in order to maximize profit and accumulate wealth over time. The purchasing power of money declines with time due to inflation. Rather than setting funds aside, investing in a 3-year investment plan which offers a high return is a good idea. Choosing the best investment plan can help align an investor’s financial and personal goals.

While looking for investment plans with the goal of short-term profits, an investor can consider investing in these below-mentioned investment plans for 3 years —  

Savings account

A savings account is a deposit account that may be opened with financial institutions or banks. The savings account pays a low interest rate on the sum that is kept in it. These accounts are ideal for people who desire to build a corpus over time by putting money aside that they may not need right away. Banks limit the overall number of withdrawals from a savings account per month. The savings account earns interest based on the minimum maintained average balance in the account. The interest rate on the savings account balance varies by bank.

Liquid funds

These are mutual fund schemes that invest primarily in short-term market securities such as government securities, treasury bills, corporate bonds, and so on. A liquid fund is a form of debt mutual fund that carries the least degree of investment risk. The liquid fund has a maturity date of up to 91 days. Liquid funds provide investors with high liquidity. This fund is best suited for those with a modest risk appetite who want to invest for a short period of time.

Short term and ultra-short term funds

Short-term and ultra-short-term funds are fixed-income vehicles that provide investment liquidity and short-term maturities. Ultra-short-term funds provide investors with low-risk investing options. Ultra-short-term funds provide larger returns on investment than money market instruments. The short-term fund has a maturity date of 91 days. These funds are not immune to market fluctuations.

Fixed deposits

Fixed deposits are one of the most secure and profitable ways to accumulate capital and build a corpus over the short and long term. It is a financial product that provides a set interest rate until the maturity date. Although investors are permitted to make premature withdrawals from fixed deposits, it is recommended that the FD not be broken in order to maximize the return on investment. Banks currently provide a maximum rate of interest on fixed deposits of 7-8 per cent. 

Fixed maturity plans

Fixed maturity plans are debt products that can only be invested in when new funds are offered. These funds invest primarily in debt instruments such as corporate bonds, highly rated securities, and so on, and have a set maturity date. Fixed maturity plans are ideal for individuals who desire to attain certain financial goals in the short and long term. Aside from guaranteed returns on investment, a fixed maturity plan also provides tax benefits.

Treasury bills

Treasury bills are short-term investment vehicles that enable investors to invest in short-term surplus cash while minimizing market risk. Treasury bills are government securities that are issued at regular intervals by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). A treasury bill, as a government-backed investment asset, carries no risks and is the greatest investment option for persons seeking to achieve short-term financial goals in life.


Investing in gold has numerous advantages, including stability and security during a financial crisis, and tiding over inflation. Aside from that, the main advantage of investing in gold is that price rise or drop in the financial markets have no effect on the value of gold. Gold investment has provided a remarkable return on investment of 23.5 per cent over the last five years, making it one of the greatest short-term investment options available on the market.


The short-term investment plans are designed to provide financial stability and security to the investors. It can help individuals attain their short-term financial goals. 

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