Cambridge partners with Ukraine to support teaching

As part of the new collaboration, formalised last week, Cambridge Partnership for Education, a department of Cambridge University Press & Assessment, will map the maths and science learning pathways in countries hosting Ukrainian students, to compare what children have already been taught with the curriculum in their new country and identify gaps and crossovers. 

The organisation is also planning to help create learning records for displaced children, through digital evaluations of their maths, science and vocabulary knowledge, which it says will help children to further understand what support is needed. 

Cambridge Partnership for Education will also provide additional teacher training to help schools support Ukrainian children.

The program is aimed at all displaced Ukrainian children and Cambridge Partnership for Education plans to deliver these activities in multiple host nations. 

However the support will not begin until funding is secured – the organisation said it has begun laying groundwork and will move to each step of its program as this is agreed. 

“Ukrainian teachers and children will know where to start in the classroom when they return home”

“This plan could impact millions of people,” said Jane Mann, managing director at Cambridge Partnership for Education. “Ukrainian teachers and children will know where to start in the classroom when they return home. 

“The government will be able to identify the challenges they need to address in education across the country. 

“And, if young people can continue to develop core skills and capabilities, Ukraine will have the essential human capital to rebuild the nation,” she explained.

Ukraine’s education and science minister, Serhiy Shkarlet, said that the agreement would open “new horizons for further cooperation in the sphere of education and is going to be a starting point for much positive action in the academic spheres of Ukraine and the United Kingdom”.

At the beginning of August, there were an estimated 6.4 million refugees from Ukraine across Europe, according to UNICEF.

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