IDP Education resumes IELTS testing after fraud concerns

Earlier this month, local education departments were reportedly ordered to review foreign language exams in their region by the Vietnam government, after suspicion of fraud and cheating. 

The British Council issued an alert on its website warning about “widespread attempts” to commit fraud, including adverts claiming to be able to change test scores, supply test questions ahead of the exam and issue fake results.

All foreign language test providers in Vietnam were forced to suspend exams from November 10, subject to review by the Ministry of Education and Training. 

Government representatives told local media that the postponement was due to exams being improperly managed and organisations failing to complete approval documents. 

“We are grateful for the approval to commence in three cities across four test venues”

IDP Education has resumed IELTS testing after four of its test centres in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Danang were approved by the education ministry on November 17. Exams are still suspended at IDP centres in 37 cities across the country. 

“We are grateful for the approval to commence in three cities across four test venues,” said Sang Nguyen, IDP Education’s Vietnam country director. “We will continue to work closely with MOET for approval to deliver IELTS in our other locations across Vietnam.”

Nguyen said that “a large number” of test-takers had been impacted by the delays and that it will “take some time” to reschedule all of them. 

Some students travelled to neighbouring countries to take the popular English language exam, rather than wait for testing to resume. 

The British Council said that it is “working closely” with the government to restore operations and confirmed on social media that it has submitted the relevant documents for review by the MOET. 

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